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The Rising Thought Leader


If you’re driven, an expert and you want to build a business that makes an impact in the world; this is where you get started. Even amongst this crowded online market you can set yourself apart to generate long term dividends! Our in-depth virtual program will show how to build the foundations needed to convert your knowledge and world-changing message into action.

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Acumen to Annuity


Acumen to Annuity is a two week virtual, interactive program that teaches effective marketing and branding strategies for early stage thought leaders. Alchemy Academy shows business owners, corporate escapees, leaders and accredited graduates how to implement best practices to launch their ideas into businesses.

Whether you’re a rising thought leader in business, science, technology or entrepreneurship, Acumen to Annuity challenges and engineers individuals with focused goals and timeless techniques. Providing the foundational tools needed to draw out depth of knowledge. Designed to transform your message into a sustainable brand, a strong voice; that drives higher annuity and profound purpose.



Transformative Thinking, Clarity & Direction, Tangible Outcomes

Adam Long

CEO & Founder of the EthicalCEO

“Through Thought Alchemists I made incredible transitions from a collection of ideas to an actual strategy for myself”  “A year later, I am executing the Thought Alchemists strategy. Now making more money than I’ve ever made before, working with the types of clients that I really really like.”

Jeanette Cheah

CEO & Founder of The Hacker Exchange.

“Working with Thought Alchemists, I feel like I’ve added a group of super-smart, strategic and creative people directly to my team. I feel supported, understood and challenged, which has allowed me to pursue new opportunities for my business.”

Angie Davis

Writer, Producer & Director

“Through Thought Alchemists’ guidance, I was able to rise above self-doubts and become more focused on my purpose and passions, disciplined and patient, and the result has been profound progress in a very short time frame”

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